My name is Jonathan Mandel. I created Slow Speed-Dating after my own lackluster "singles event" experiences. The events I attended had interesting people, but I found it frustrating trying to connect with them. There were too many "what do you do for work?" questions and too few "what really matters to you" interactions. In other words, I found events that brought people together with no actual intention of having them connect.

Then I thought about the communities where I feel most connected and at home. Communities like Landmark, Burning Man, my Men's circle. What if I could bring the authenticity and connection of these groups together with the process of meeting new people to date?

What to expect

We bring together 15 men, 15 women, and two trained facilitators. Then we combine presencing and connection exercises with 5-minute conversations, a space for acknowledgment, and a great community. You'll have a great time, and you'll really meet some amazing people.

After the event, enter your rating of each person you spoke with. If both you and the other person would like to see each other again, we'll hook you up.


About Slow Speed-Dating

Talk to a human! 415-449-0494 or hi@SlowSpeedDating.com.


We promise a great time and real connections with excellent people. If you attend a Slow Speed Dating event and are anything less than delighted with the event, we will happily refund your registration fee. No other "singles" event offers this kind of guarantee. We're committed to an authentically good time. See FAQ for complete details.