I joined Slow Speed-Dating on a hunch that the format would attract my kind of people — those who already are, by nature, inclined toward open, authentic communication. The exercises, even the casual conversation during our breaks, confirmed this: in this joyful and relaxed atmosphere, I felt at ease expressing my true nature (including my silly side!), and I sensed everybody else felt the same. It was a great evening!


The evening was fun, spicy, and slightly edgy.  I definitely would go out on a date with a few of the people I met there.


They created a safe space to interact with strangers. Feel comfortable in your body, and listen to your yes and no. If you're curious about what deeper intimacy within yourself feels like, this is a great place to play. It felt like a workshop that included mini "dates."


It was fun, fulfilling and interactive. I enjoyed the personalities, presence and energies from both of our good hosts. I enjoyed myself thoroughly overall!


A great approach to dating consciously. It was nice how as you began, the facilitators give you a simple opening exercise/task that takes you away from the traditional first date topics and broadens while increasing the depth of your interactions. Highly recommended!


It was a great event.  The connection activities took the awkwardness out of speed dating.


Talk to a human! 415-449-0494 or hi@SlowSpeedDating.com.


We promise a great time and real connections with excellent people. If you attend a Slow Speed Dating event and are anything less than delighted with the event, we will happily refund your registration fee. No other "singles" event offers this kind of guarantee. We're committed to an authentically good time. See FAQ for complete details.